Operations & Exercises

EUCOM and our components are actively engaged in more than 100 exercises and operations that enhance our ability to play an active role in transatlantic security and defend the United States forward.

Most exercises, and even many of the operations, partner EUCOM with other nations and U.S. government agencies to broaden the command’s perspective and help to maintain high standards of performance.

EUCOM also plays a key role in several annual events – including Memorial Day and D-Day commemorations – and other activities with global interest or impact. 

In addition, EUCOM agencies routinely engage with European and Eurasian partner nations and non-government agencies to collaborate during conferences and larger over-arching programs under which individual operations and exercises exist.

Lastly, EUCOM’s State Partnership Program, Partnership for Peace, and others pair EUCOM and US forces with other nations’ militaries to learn, prepare and work together to improve NATO operations through education, training and operational activities.

For a complete list of EUCOM key activities, visit the Key Activities page on www.EUCOM.mil.

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