About Us

ECUOM Live is the official blog of the U.S. European Command. It is maintained by the EUCOM Communication and Engagement directorate. Content is generated from public affairs teams across the European theater, primarily from U.S. Army Europe, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Marine Corps Forces Europe, and U.S. Naval Forces Europe.

Communication and Engagement
The directorate of Communication and Engagement supports the commander of U.S. European Command and component commands by developing and coordinating communication strategy, plans and policy; synchronizing and integrating enterprise engagements and communication capabilities; providing information to the U.S. Congress, the public and the media; and conducting theater outreach programs in support of the Commander’s strategic objectives with in the USEUCOM area of responsibility.

EUCOM Mission
The mission of the U.S. European Command is to conduct military operations, international military partnering, and interagency partnering to enhance transatlantic security and defend the United States forward.

You can learn more about EUCOM’s key focus areas, region, and background at its official website, www.EUCOM.mil.


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