European Security and Cooperation in the 21st Century

The following are remarks made by Ambassador Susan M. Elliott to the American Chamber of Commerce on January 27 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Thank you Dr. Wegen for your warm introduction.  Thank you also to Mr. Fichtner, Mr. Lutz, and Mr. Povel for organizing and inviting me to tonight’s event.

I also would like to recognize my colleagues — U.S. Consul General James Herman who is here this evening from Frankfurt.  He is the leader of US Consulate General in Frankfurt which is the largest U.S. Consulate in the world.
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EUCOM Announces Updated Theater Strategy

U.S. European Command leadership recently published an updated theater strategy, formalizing the combatant command’s top priorities, mission and vision.

Looking back, 2015 was undoubtedly one of the busiest years for EUCOM since the end of the Cold War. During the past year, a perpetually increased demand was placed upon the EUCOM personnel who help provide stability for the European security environment. “Our command has done an outstanding job balancing its focus between a revanchist Russia, mass migrations from other regions and foreign terrorist fighters transiting through Europe, while maintaining our commitments to our NATO allies and partners,” said Gen. Philip Breedlove, Commander of U.S. European Command. Continue reading EUCOM Announces Updated Theater Strategy